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Premialab Platform

Unique database of over 5,000 single and multi-asset strategies from the top 18 leading investment banks. Conduct pre-trade diligence, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and post-trade reporting.

Risk & Regulatory Reporting

Position-based risk to slice and dice complex exposures with stress tests, sensitivities, and VaR across asset classes and OTC derivatives. Streamlined regulatory processes to ensure reporting integrity.

Independent Price Verification

Daily index-level reconciliation using external price sources to independently verify the accuracy of the index NAV published by external strategy providers and bottom-up performance contribution analysis.

Pure Factors Model

Unprecedented multi-asset Premialab Pure Factors® model captures key market risk premia across asset classes, styles, and regions. Factor decomposition across both long-only and alternatives.

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Our selection of Premialab stems from their unique dataset, which offers valuable insights for our research, strategy due diligence, risk monitoring and regulatory reporting – capabilities that will be valuable in our efforts to continually create value we deliver to our investors.

Head of Multi Asset Strategies

Generali Investments Partners

As a global leader in innovative investment solutions and advanced analytics, we strive to combine novel technologies, like Premialab, with our own time-tested quantitative and qualitative insights. This helps ensure our clients have transparent access to protect their portfolios in a volatile market.



Our partnership with Premialab serves as a cornerstone for our systematic investing and complement our existing infrastructure to strengthen allocation, risk management and regulatory reporting accuracy on quantitative strategies.


Veritas Pension Insurance

Our partnership with Premialab will serve to improve our framework around systematic investing and to strengthen our infrastructure for strategy selection, portfolio construction and on-going data management for position-level risk across asset classes.

Head of Portfolio Construction

Lægernes Pension

Investing in bank strategies not only requires a deep understanding of each strategy but also robust risk management that considers both performance-based and positions-based metrics. Our partnership with Premialab complements our existing infrastructure and enhance our efficiency, breadth of coverage, and accuracy of analyses.

Global Head of Strategic Development

Asset Management One USA Inc

Premialab demonstrated that they could add capability and efficiency to our processes. The platform provides a comprehensive database for analyzing and comparing the performance and risk metrics of these [alternative risk premia] strategies. The user interface is user-friendly, making it easy for us to navigate and make informed decisions.

Senior Investment Manager

State Super (SAS Trustee Corporation)

Our Board of Directors has recently announced the adoption of a new strategy to set the direction for the pension fund's work in the coming years. As a result, we are looking to increase our allocation to liquid alternatives, and Premialab supports our due diligence on strategies available in the market, monitor current investments, and provide additional transparency into this asset class.

Head of Liquid Investments

P+ Pension

After a careful evaluation process, we chose Premialab to be our preferred vendor. The nature of our funds, our investment policies and our clients demand granular, timely and high-quality data and analytics. We are confident that we found the right partner with Premialab to meet our requirements.

Fund Manager

Atlantic House Investments

By partnering with Premialab, we enhance our analytical framework across asset classes to optimize further and risk control multi-asset portfolio allocation and manager selection decisions.

Head of Quantitative Research

AMP Investments

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