Cookies Policy

Transparency is important to us, This Cookies Policy describes how we use cookies and other similar technology on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed and stored on your device when you visit a website. Cookies are used in order to improve the security of a website and the general user experience. Cookies are either: session specific, which means that they are deleted from your device once the session and browser are closed; or permanent, meaning that they will remain resident on your device until they are removed.

What cookies do we use on our website?

We are using both session and permanent cookies that can be grouped according to their functionalities:

  • Preference cookies allow the website to remember a user’s preferences in relation to the website display or functionalities.
  • Process cookies allow the website to function and deliver the services, such as navigation, access to log-in areas.
  • Security cookies allow to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent access and protect user data from unauthorized parties.
  • Performance cookies allow to collect information about how the user engage with the website and its functionalities. This information is normally used on an aggregate or anonymous basis (such that it does not identify any individual users) for various business purposes, where permissible under applicable laws and regulations.

Your choice with respect to cookies

Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, if you do not wish to consent to cookies being stored on your device, you can block all or certain cookies by changing your browser settings. If you decide to block cookies you may find an alteration of your browsing experience and may not be able to use all functionalities of the website.

If you have any question or specific request, please contact: [email protected]