AI Investments. A new earning machine

We are thrilled to share the latest Forbes magazine feature showcasing the insightful comments of Adrien Geliot, co-founder and CEO of Premialab. The article dives into the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial industry, including the quantitative strategies. Geliot highlights the significant positive impact of AI and machine learning on data processing, analysis, and automation of investment tasks:

“While AI and quantitative strategies have been studied and developed for several decades, this market segment has recently experienced significant growth. Leading investment banks have introduced thousands of investment strategies, representing hundreds of billions of dollars, which have been invested by institutional investors and asset managers.

”Overall, the performance of these strategies has been positive with 61% of the approximately 4,000 tracked by Premialab made money last year — the highest proportion since at least 2016 — the Premialab database represents the universe of quantitative strategies from the top 17 global investment banks.”