Prime Capital AG Enhances Alternative Investment Strategies with Premialab's Advanced Analytics

Prime Capital AG, a leader in Alternative Investments, has partnered with Premialab to harness their advanced analytics and benchmarking technology, bolstered by a state-of-the-art data library, for enhanced strategy selection, ongoing quantitative performance assessment and risk management.

”With over 15+ years of track record in alternative investments our focus lies in creating a best-in-class portfolio across absolute return strategies,” said Philipp Zehrer, Investment Manager at Prime Capital AG. “Premialab’s proprietary Pure Factors® benchmarks will be instrumental in identifying the drivers for risk and performance within our universe of strategies, helping us to continue delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to our clients.”

Prime Capital AG will leverage Premialab Pure Factors® for strategy selection, risk oversight, to monitor style drift, and to measure alpha across its investment universe and portfolios.

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